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Aden: Yemen’s Human Rights Vice Minister Meets with UN Orgs Staff

Written by Fakhri Al-Arashi
The vice minister of human rights Dr. Mohamed H. Askar met in the interim capital of Yemen Aden earlier of the with the United nations representative members to discuss the importance of his ministry’s partnership with the International NGOs.
The meeting was set to develop the inquiry level against human rights violations and the war crimes that touched civilians. They also discussed the mechanism of activating the protection, advocacy and alleviate the negative impacts which occurred as a result of the Houthi coup conducted by Saleh and Houthi militias’ coup on March 2015.
The vice minister highlighted on the bad need for United Nations Development programs resumption in partnership with the ministry of human rights which is working from Aden to retake its position, raise the capacity and awareness of Human rights among  local CSOs, more over to measure and observer the quality of commitment on Human rights protection and fast response.
“All in all is part of the ministry of human rights to enhance human rights of people in Yemen during and after the war”said Askar. More over he has called upon the International Orgs who are operating in the human rights field to open their headquarters in Aden.
The United Nation Development program manager briefed the Vice minister with the number of activities and project that have been achieved during the war time.
From her part, Ms. Jackiline, the head of commission of the UNHCR and Mr. Sylvain Merlen from UNDP welcomed the partnership with the ministry of human rights.
The undersecretary of the human rights ministry for partnership & international cooperation Nabil Abdulhafeed attend the meeting along with Mr. Walid Abdulqader Ba-haroon, Aysha Mohammed Saeed from the UNDP Aden office.
The vice minister Askar concludes by say the ministry of human rights resumed it’s activities from Aden based on the legitimate President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi’s clear instructions.