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Britain Urged to Avert Yemen Famine

Written by Staff

Britain has backed the losing side in the Yemen conflict and should change policy now to help prevent a full-scale famine, a former international development secretary has warned.

Andrew Mitchell criticised Britain’s “contradictory” policy of backing the Saudi-led coalition’s operation in Yemen at the same as trying to alleviate the humanitarian suffering its bombing campaign is causing.

Andrew Mitchell criticised Britain for backing the Saudi-led coalition’s operation in Yemen, which is preventing basic food supplies from entering the countryMOHAMMED HUWAIS/AFP/Getty Images

“The Yemenis are not starving, they are being starved,” he told the international development committee yesterday after returning from a visit to the country, the first by a British politician for two years.

The United Nations has warned that Yemen may face famine this year, largely because of a Saudi-imposed air, land and sea blockade that has prevented basic food supplies as well as other humanitarian aid from…


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