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GE, Turkish Company Sign Deal to Support Yemen’s Electricity Infrastructure

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GE has signed a deal with Çalık Enerji to support Yemen’s electricity infrastructure by supplying two units of its advanced TM2500 aeroderivative gas turbine generators, the company announced in a statement on Feb. 14.

The units will generate up to 60 megawatts of electricity, helping to provide power quickly to meet the demand for electricity in Aden, according to the statement.

They were shipped from GE’s facility in Hungary to Yemen and are currently being installed for power delivery before the upcoming summer.

The project is being funded by the Qatar Fund for Development (QFFD) for the Power Electricity Corporation (PEC) of Yemen’s al-Hiswa Power Plant, read the statement.

“The al-Hiswa Power Plant is of strategic value to Yemen to help meet the growing requirement for reliable power to foster industrial growth and the daily needs of people in the community,” said Özgür Sarıkaya of Çalık Enerji. “The expansion of the plant using GE’s advanced aero derivative gas turbine generators will enable us to deliver power quickly and with great reliability. These turbines have proved their efficiency and offer fuel flexibility, which is crucial in driving toward uninterrupted power generation.”

“Our agreement to deliver advanced gas turbine generators underlines our competencies in providing reliable power at source within four to five months, even in remote and difficult terrains,” said Ghassan Barghout, president and CEO of GE’s gas power systems and sales in the Middle East and North Africa.

“We are committed to improving the well-being of people by working with regional stakeholders to support Yemen in building up its electricity infrastructure after times of significant volatility, despite considerable logistical challenges. This marks the first sale of GE’s aero derivative units in Yemen, and we look forward to further projects that can assist the country in developing its electricity infrastructure,” Barghout said.

GE and Çalık are collaborating on several projects in the region, from Iraq to Libya, to add over 2,500 MW of power in the Middle East and North Africa, read the statement.


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