Read Out The Cable of Congratulation Message Prom the PM to President Hadi

National Yemen
Prime Minister Receives President Hadi after his arrival from Socotra
Written by Fakhri Al-Arashi

National Yemen republish here the Congratulation Message of the prime minister Dr. Ahmed Obaid Bin Daghar to President Abdulrabbuh Mansour Hadi.
Dear Your Excellency President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi, President of the Republic of Yemen,

With great appreciation and respect, please allow me to send Your Excellency a cable of congratulations on the commemoration of your announcement of February 11th as a National Day and congratulations to the great Yemeni people, men and women, youth and elders and to all strugglers who have pushed the country into a new phase of change.

Change was necessary to maintain Yemen’s achievements. This most recent phase ended in a national consensus embodied by the GCC initiative and its executive mechanism, whose implementation led to free and transparent elections, putting great trust in the Yemeni people through all its national political powers. Now you are the ship Captain and a trustworthy leader for the revolution, republic and our unity.

While the government is keeping up with the development of events, it realizes very well that youth are the cornerstone of the current phase. They are the future, and their ambition for change never stops. The youth of September and October are the ones who led the first phase of change. They were the ones who toppled the racist Imamate and the backward system. Their grandchildren are continuing this change today.

The second phase of change began with the peaceful Hirak in 2007. This was enhanced by the youth of 2011 who insisted on change. They continued until grand peaceful change came in February 2012, by electing Your Excellency as president for the country in a national consensus like never before in the history of Yemen.

The Houthis have misused this change to infiltrate the capital. Once they registered dominance in Change Square, they searched for new alliances to take over the republic with its unity and legitimacy, represented by Your Excellency. They could never find a better ally than Saleh, and his support for them hijacked the great 26 September revolution. Saleh found this a great opportunity to take revenge against those who protested against him.

The Houthis and Saleh have threatened state security and stability. They threaten the security of the region and the national security of all Arabs. This is what led to the Arab coalition led by Saudi Arabia and the effective contribution of United Arab Emirates. This coalition is a modern Arab awakening. It saved Yemen from the clutches of Iranian dominance and put an end to their ambitions.

We have a major responsibility to face the Houthi and Saleh coalition. The responsibility of the community is against their aggression on the state, its legitimacy and community, and the responsibility is biggest for the youth of change.

The Republic of September collapsed in Sana’a, once republicans were divided and failed to solve their problems. Saleh failed to distinguish between contradictions in the midst of conflict. He was then stranded by the enemies of the republic and unity. Without Your Excellency’s solid presence, stance and the support of the Yemeni people, Yemen would have fallen into the hands of our enemies.

With your leadership and the unity of our nation, we will commemorate the Republic of September in Sana’a once again. We will reinstate the state and its legitimacy from Aden, the interim capital of Yemen. We will not give up one iota of the national reference, the UNSC resolution, and the Houthis and Saleh will withdraw and hand over their heavy weaponries.

I am confident Mr. President that you agree with me that the mission today is the most important and central point for our national struggle to reinstate the state. This mission is to defeat the Imamate project of Iran in our country, to defeat the coup of the Houthis and Saleh, and to bring safety and stability to our country. This will come happen through the unity of the community and the unity of the national powers who believe in the republic as a system. Unity if our fate and will bring fairness, equality and goodwill for all.

“May Allah help you to shed light on good steps”

Prime Minister
Dr. Ahmed Obaid Bin Daghar