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Students From Yemen Seek Temporary Protection Status

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WASHINGTON (WUSA9) – They are young people without a country. Twenty-four teenagers from Yemen came to the United States as exchange students. Now, they could soon be deported back to Yemen, which they fear could be a death sentence.

Six of those students attend Northern Virginia Community College. They came to the embassy of Yemen Monday hoping to find a way to stay in America, which invited them here in the first place.

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The State Department program has been funding the students’ living expenses and education, but that’ll soon end. Their only hope to stay in the U.S. legally is to receive temporary protective status from the Department of Homeland Security.

If DHS grants temporary status to the 24 students, it’ll be a huge relief, but their next problem is money. Their State Department funding disappears in May. They have a GoFundMe account that has raised about $30,000, but the money won’t go very far for 24 people.

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