Political Analysis

Aden: Yemen’s Legitimate Prime Minister Bin Daghar Speaks to Governors and Ministers

Written by Fakhri Al-Arashi

The Yemeni legitimate Prime Minister Dr. Ahmed Obaid Bin Daghar, held a meeting with governors and ministers from liberated governorates last Thursday in the interim capital Aden. Bin Daghar gave a comprehensive speech discussing his government’s achievements over the past ten months and future plans.

“We are in a different phase with different goals and tendencies. It is the phase of construction and building in order to move forwards a better tomorrow and purposeful future. We hope to have a different meaning for these words in the coming days, similar to how we used to hear them in the past years,” the PM began his speech.

“We are approaching victory bit by bit, and the tyrants are about to lay down their weapons and they will do so either by way of peace or war. We will reinstate Sana’a and the flag of the republic will flutters from the mountaintops of Murran. They have put Yemen and its people at risk and have looked at ruling based on delusions that our people will never accept any more. They have tried to confiscate the national treasure and national decrees, thus the coup has taken place and the war occurred.”

“The people have fought in defense of the highest national values, for unity and for building the new United Yemen. The whole Arab world has rejected to surrender to Iranian greediness, thus forming the coalition.”

“The war has caused the martyrdom of thousands of people in the interests of power and rule by a small misguiding group. There was blood and there was devastation. Now, the time has come to stop all of this, and we all have to look forward to a permanent, comprehensive and fair peace, a peace that is based on coup withdrawal, handing over weapons, reinstating the state and the return of legitimacy. This will be met with a phase of consensus that clears what came ahead of it. The final word in this will be for the people and only the Yemeni people in all their types, spectrums, parties, social fabrics and political powers.”

“The recent visit of H.E. President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi and his meeting with His Highness Prince Mohammed bin Salman, Deputy Crown of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani, Emir of Qatar, and Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed, Crown Prince of the United Arab Emirates, has had a good effect of enhancing the soul of solidarity, cooperation and shared work within the Arab coalition. These visits have proven the unity of their vision in the face of the war’s trends and the general situation in Yemen. President Hadi has informed us that our brothers are to give Yemen USD $10 billion to develop a comprehensive development plan. He has received very important assurance from high dignitaries that the amount is available for Yemen under legitimate use.”

“Today, we are able to say that the preparation for a phase of construction is about to begin, and we hope to have a comprehensive peace process along with it. We will start the phase of construction in the coming days under the leadership of H.E. President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi. There is a Cheerful news are looming very clearly on the dark horizon that has overshadowed our lives for more than two years.”

“We are approaching a real transition and we have to prepare for it because we want to reinstate confidence in our partnering values and our endless efforts to build the new United Yemen. Yemen, which we built its rules and regulations in the National Dialogue Conference, we will build it with a soul free of bitter feelings, healed wounds, dried up tears and reassured hearts.”

“We will leave behind us a phase that might have taught us a lot of lessons, a phase to reinstate the building of our country and community based on different rules and stiff principles to obtain justice and stability. Therefore, there shouldn’t be anyone capable of threatening our security or destabilizing our general nirvana or mess around once again in the region and our national security.”

“We have a real opportunity ahead of us to overcome our reality and to exit the crisis. Our brothers in the GCC offer all kinds of help to our people, and we have to create, through our national efficiencies, qualified and experienced staff for an inclusive, ambitious plan including reconstructing of all different types of economic and services, starting with reconstructing what has been devastated by the war, until we reach a comprehensive development process.”

“The instructions of H.E. President Hadi require the formation of general goals for the upcoming phase based on a comprehensive economic, social and cultural vision, along with drawing plans, urgently preparing studies and designs in the fields of electricity, education, health, water, roads and telecommunications, and developing the different cities and villages of Yemen.”

“The plan must also include the social and cultural fields and target elevating poverty and severe need in the country as well as to encourage building awareness and forgiveness, and to reject violence and terrorism ahead of our values.”

“Our studies must include building three big power stations in Aden, Hodeidah and Balhaf to be generated by liquid and solid fuel, gas and coal. Building it must be a permanent end of electricity crisis in our country, also to be a basis for a development era that we hope to see its signs very soon.”

“The President’s requirements include building more elementary and secondary schools, institutes, and community colleges within cities and towns fully equipped with the latest educational tools and qualified staff to upgrade the level of education and to establish a new phase of professional education by all means.”

“Taking care of teachers will be an essential part of the educational plans, as they are the cornerstone of the educational process.”

“Education is the right start for a better tomorrow, and if we can’t make a transitional shift in this field, then the ambitious plans in other fields may remain limited. Modern education will kill nescience and at the same time it will prevent the country from more destabilization and local war.”

“While we are preparing the studies and plans, we have to keep into consideration rebuilding universities to guarantee appropriate educational outcomes that fit with our future aspirations. We have plenty of universities, but we have few quality outcomes. We must finish universities that are under construction, build what is necessary for faculties, pay more attention to scientific specifications, and expand in vocational education to provide the required skills for building and construction.”

“With His Excellency’s requirements, we will try our best to have a large transition in the health sector, to build and rebuild central hospitals in all capitals of governorates, hospitals and health centers in directorates, and other facilities for cancer patients, and special clinics for kidney disease.”

“We will have to modernize Aden’s refinery to cope with the latest developments in the field of refining crude oil. Modernizing the refinery is essential for its continuation as a well-established company, the same for the petroleum company. Making new projects similar to this in different governorates is very possible in cooperation with national and international capital.”

“In the field of transportation, we have a good opportunity to develop road, air and sea transportation. Also, there is a good opportunity to review studies that were prepared to construct a train. This idea began years ago and it looked to us more ambitious than it should be. The studies were ready at that time, and the project was waiting for funding. It seems to be that the time has come to make this study a reality and the idea could be very possible in this new era.”

“President Hadi also has requirements for developing, expanding and deepening Aden’s port in cooperation with our neighbors and friends. The goal of deepening and expanding the port is to prepare it for receiving large ships and its storage capacity.”

“Aden will remain a motto for our progress, or a motto for our pain, and we have to reinstate its importance starting by developing the airport. We have the money available for the projects of the airport, port and refinery. Aden is the locomotive of economic development for our country’s future. Aden realizes the strategic economic and political role that is awaiting it within the frame of the upcoming united Yemen.”

“The agricultural field represents the major economy of the countryside, and for this we have to speed up the plans for building dams to maintain water for the purpose of irrigation and planting new lands. This will increase the size of production and to help in reducing the shortages of food because of the growing population.”

“To provide more agricultural products, mainly crops, fruits, and vegetables, studies prepared in the past years must be updated. This is to make progress in the Yemeni countryside and to develop the living standard of people’s lives.”

“According to the clear instructions of H.E. President Hadi, we have to begin with constructing houses, schools, universities, and bridges. We have been facing a lot of obstacles to carry these projects out because of our limited resources such as the need for more equipment, weapons, food and vehicles to fight the enemies of life. Now, i believe, we won’t need these in the few coming months, as we will receive technical and financial support from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and GCC.”

“Before all of that, we have to achieve what has been devastated by the war – minds and souls. We have to rush quickly to build the bridges of trust, brothership and cooperate within all community components.”

“This matter is in the hands of political powers, culture, religious and educational fellows. This is a large mission and a noble target. We should not turn around the conflicts, disputes and the sad results created by the war, we must not stop until the war ends completely.”

“Wisdom tells us to open up wider opportunities for the private sector, mainly for locals, and to give a chance for general public to have shares in future opportunities. In our economy to guarantee new fields and increase individual and families income in the country. This must be taken into consideration when imposing studies and designs for new projects.”

“For this, we have to release the community to alleviate poverty and bureaucracy, which remain in the minds of some while conducting projects. It’s ok to work based on the theory that says ‘let him work, let him pass’ if this passing does not effect on the values of integrity, transparency and competition.”

“The Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation will help to benefit from our experience and strategic planning, and we have no problem asking for the help of foreign experts and the help of international organizations.”

“Peace and blessings be upon you.”