Political Analysis

Al-Jaber Criticizes the Silence of Humanitarian Aid Organizations Operating in Yemen

Saudi Ambassador to Yemen
Written by Fakhri Al-Arashi

In an interview with Al-Jazeer TV channel, the Saudi Ambassador to Yemen, Mohammed Al-jaber have criticizes the work of some local and international humanitarian aid agencies who are conducting humanitarian operations on the areas under the Houthi Saleh militias control.

Al-jaber said, we have a list of humanitarian aids agencies and human rights organizations which do not reveal facts to public about the Houthi militias violations against the civilians in Taiz and other areas in Yemen.

Let us be clear, the citizens under the militias of Houthi Saleh are facing huge suffers and difficulties to get their  humanitarian shares more than those who are living under the legitimacy control and liberated areas who face no problems at all.

Despite of that comparison, the criticism dose still come to the surface from some local CSO’s which was established by Saleh regime and some others which have link with the Houthi militias, who are repeatedly target the legitimacy government and blame them for ceasing the humanitarian organizations since they were established.

” I can just tell you that, one of these organizations which provides logistic works for the United Nations, has recently submitted reports accusing the Arab coalition for committing multi violations, unfortunately the owner of this org and her husband who acts as the vice manager are touring these days the EU countries to present lectures against the collation, how could those individuals or organizations be able to deliver an independent reports? I am surprised” said the Al-Jaber.

AJ: The Kingdom have admitted of committing mistakenly airstrikes, what happened after?

Al-Jaber: As you may know, mistakes occur in any war and sometimes you may target your alliances and troops, that is why they say in the wars by history ( friendly fires) so mistakes happen. For this point of view, the coalition have accepted the results of the probes on the grand Hall and the coalition shows the full readiness to compensate all and to solve it out with the legitimate government.