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Houthis Detain 7 Medical Aid Workers

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Al-Reemi Describes Brother’s Torture
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SANAA: Yemeni security officials said Houthi rebels have detained seven local employees of the International Medical Corps, accusing them of spying for foreign intelligence.

They said the Houthis raided a hotel the humanitarian group was using in Ibb province, taking the employees to a prison in Sanaa.
Meanwhile, three suspected Al-Qaeda members were killed overnight in what local officials believed was a US drone strike in southern Yemen.
Residents and local officials said on Friday the attack took place in Mozno in Al-Wadie district of Abyan province. The three killed included the local leader of the militant group, Waddah Muhammed Amsouda, who was meeting the others in a house in the area, they said. Residents also reported a separate attack on a suspected Al-Qaeda vehicle, in the same province, but said the number of casualties was unknown.

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