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The Prime Minister Says: Oh Aden We Have Promised and We Have Fulfilled It

Written by Staff

The Yemeni Prime Minister Dr. Ahmed Obaid Bin Daghar wrote series of tweets in his official account on twitter about the improvement of the electricity in the interim capital of Yemen Aden.

He wrote his messages addressing the public and politicians to maintain the achievements of  the improving of electrcity working hours.

Here is the original version of the PM message ” Oh Aden we have promised and we have fulfilled our promise. If the whole summer wouldn’t be cold, it may have started less warmer from yesterday, six hours on and two hours off, this hasn’t happened since two years ago.”
We have added the 100MWs by our little capabilities, the efforts of the power engineers and by the abiding and complying of contractors. Another 40MWs will enter the service by next week and the power operation will improve more and more. Whoever called against us and he had the excuse on doing so, may he call for us with this tangible improvement of the electrcity. Let’s all maintain (protect) this improvement from attack, this is our attainment and our common interest and it should not be falling under politics.