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Yemeni Info. Min. regrets UN’s attempt to transport journalists to Yemen

National Yemen
Moammer Al-Iryani
Written by Staff

The Yemeni Ministry of Information has regretted an attempt by the UN Mission to transport journalists into Yemeni territory via UN planes.
The ministry said in a release carried by Saudi Press Agency (SPA): “Houthi-Saleh’s militias have been propagating their destructive project through humanitarian stories, manipulating the catastrophic conditions of the Yemeni people who have been experiencing difficult conditions since triggering the coup and western media finds fatty stories to present to its audience.” It called on foreign journalists not to provide legitimacy to rebels through visiting militias held areas like the Capital Sana’a while conditions in other Yemeni cities truthfully deserve to be covered to reflect the real situation from the ground and a way of political agendas, according to the release.
The ministry also urged all interested journalists to head to a nearby Yemeni embassy in their country to get entry visa through Aden, noting that all liberated areas are open to all journalists, it added.
It confirmed that foreign journalists should be careful on their security and safety to avoid kidnapping by armed groups and then paying ransom for freeing, thus re-financing terrorism.

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