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Bin Daghar: UAE has made sacrifices for the freedom of the Yemeni people

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ADEN: Dr. Ahmad Obaid Bin Daghar, Prime Minister of Yemen, has praised the generous support of the UAE government and people to the liberated governorates of Yemen.

He added that the UAE has made sacrifices for the freedom of the Yemeni people.

Bin Daghar’s made his statement on the sidelines of the signing of an agreement between the UAE and the Yemeni Ministry of Transport, in the temporary capital, Aden, regarding the operation of the local Land Transport Corporation.

The agreement includes the delivery of commuter transport buses to continue the work of the local Land Transport Corporation, after the Yemeni Ministry of Transport presents a work plan to the UAE within 30 days, which will be followed by the widening of services of the corporation from Aden to all liberated governorates.

It was signed by Murad Al Halimi, Yemeni Minister of Transport and Member of the Southern Transitional Council, in the attendance of Bin Dagher and representative of the Emirates Red Crescent.

Bin Daghar expressed his happiness at signing this agreement with the UAE, which will return the Land Transport Corporation to its former stature that was previously known by the Yemeni public.

He also expressed his appreciation to the UAE for continuously supporting the Yemeni people.

Bin Daghar delivered the regards of Abd Rabbo Mansour Hadi, President of Yemen, to the UAE, which has strived to regain his country’s legitimacy through its solidarity in the field of battle, and its support for the normalisation of life in the liberated areas of the country.

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