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Read Out: The Yemeni Prime Minister Makes his first Visit to Liberated Mocha

Written by Fakhri Al-Arashi

The Yemen Prime Minister Dr. Ahmed Obaid bin Daghar paid a field visit to the liberated coastal city of Mocha in Taiz Governorate today’s morning.

Bin Daghar’s is visit to Mocha has been classified by politicians and observers as a strategic for a highest government official since Mocha was announced by the Arab coalition a liberated city from the Houthi militias.

In his arrival at the city, bin Daghar launched the Mocha Power Plant after it has been repaired and qualified by UAE Redcross, with a total productive capacity of 160 megawatts.

He toured the Al Mocha Power Plant and listened to the manager and engineers about the achievements and challenges during working months of the repair.

“Bin daghar has asked the engineers to quickly fixed the remaining damages in the power cables and replace old to expand the power connection to the whole governorate of Taiz, thanks to generous support of the UAE” said the prime Minister.

He then launched the second stage of a campaign funded by the Emirates Red Crescent, ERC, for providing people in Al-Mocha with new houses, as part of the UAE’s efforts to rebuild the city.

Prime Minister bin Daghar, with the attendance of a delegation from the ERC headed by Eng. Mohammed Al Ketbi, gave the keys to the families of the homes provided by the UAE, through its humanitarian arm, the ERC, which funded their reconstruction, after being damaged during the war started by the Houthi and Saleh militias against the Yemeni people.

During his tour, Prime Minister bin Daghar and the attendees viewed the ERC’s work to rebuild the homes with the latest furnishings and all available services, such as electricity, water and sewage systems. He also expressed his satisfaction at the UAE’s work, through the ERC, in Al Mocha, to reconstruct damaged houses and restore its power station, hospital and other services facilities.

He also stated that the UAE has already provided generous military and humanitarian support, which will remain in the memories of the people of Yemen.

Prime Minister bin Daghar is the first Yemeni official in the country’s legitimate government to visit Al Mocha, following its liberation from the coup militias several months ago