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Houthi fighters and Saleh supporters clash in Sanaa -residents

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SANAA: Forces loyal to former Yemeni president Ali Abdullah Saleh clashed in Sanaa with fighters from the armed Houthi movement on Saturday, residents said, marking unprecedented violence within the alliance fighting a Saudi-led coalition.
Members of the presidential guard exchanged gunfire for about half an hour with the Houthi fighters who had tried to set up a security checkpoint near the home of Saleh’s son and his media office in an upscale district, the residents said.
The tactical alliance between Saleh and the Houthis has often appeared fragile, with both groups suspicious of each other’s ultimate motives and sharing little ideological ground.
They jointly run northern Yemen and have been fighting the internationally recognized government, based in the south and backed by the Saudi-led coalition, for 2-1/2 years.

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  • Subject: As EID Approaches

    Like many Brits who have been lucky enough to live in Yemen part of my heart rests within this country. I am also married to a Yemeni and as a consequence now have an extended family in Yemen. When I lived and worked at the British Embassy in Yemen over 20 years ago I devoted most of my time trying to bring Britain and Yemen even closer than history had achieved. Optimism was then rampant both in Yemen and the UK but, inspired by the evil of Abu Hamza and others in Abyan, the Yemen world began to change for the worse in December 1998.

    I will not pretend that I fully understand all the personal history or reasons that are behind the senseless slaughter that is now taking place. I will not pretend that I have a solution to the hatred that divides many. I do know that Islam does not condone what is going on and I also know that the gates of Hell will be wide open for many Yemenis as there is no excuse for this senseless civil war.

    Seen from afar and through the eyes of others, I do blame a lack of real leadership as well as those who continue to make money from the sufferings and evil doings of others. I do blame ex President Saleh for not having the guts to draw a line and leave Yemen and live in exile (even Idi Amin had the guts to do this). His continued presence in Yemen just causes more suffering for the very people he says he loves and cares for. He has to face facts; the World will never accept him back as the leader of Yemen. He must stop kidding himself.. He must remind himself that God is also looking at him and will judge him on the misery his continued presence in Yemen causes.

    It has long been time for real leadership to come forward and be counted. It is therefore time for President Hadi to stand up and be a real, world visible, statesmen. If he is not man enough then he should get off the ”throne”. It is also time for many of the rich and even the corrupt (God is forgiving to those who repent and repay) who are living in exile to stand up and shout “enough” and return to Yemen and again be part of the country they all sing lovingly about (in safety).

    With EID fast approaching, it is time for action and rebuilding a beautiful land. It is time for the Houthis and all the Tribes and people of Yemen to hold out their hands in friendship to each other and put the wishes of God and the ordinary people of Yemen first. The unrepented evils committed will be judged by God. The same God will also be watching and will reward those who are trying to do good.

    Yemeni’s must ask themselves what is being achieved with the senseless killings? How many more must die–how many young innocents will have to go to heaven before common sense and human decency prevails? Yes God is Great but at the moment only the arms industries around the globe are rubbing their hands together in glee. They are making money but they are not burying their Mothers, Fathers, Sons and Daughters–Yemeni’s are and for what?