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Trump expands travel ban to 3 new countries

Sudan dropped from original list, leaving 8 nations with complete or partial blocks on travel to US

Washington: North Korea, Venezuela and Chad were added Sunday on a new list of countries targeted by a US travel ban due to poor security and lack of cooperation with American authorities.

Sudan, one of six majority-Muslim countries on the original travel ban, was removed from the list, leaving eight nations with complete or partial blocks on travel to the United States.

Full travel bans were placed on nationals from North Korea and Chad, while the restrictions for Venezuela were limited to officials from a long list of government agencies and their families.

Other countries included in the ban were Iran, Libya, Syria, Somalia and Yemen.

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  • I think ensuring the security of the population is the main responsibility of the president. So, Trump makes all effort to ensure this. Nowadays, we see, that Muslim countries are dangerous to society,so to make travel ban list is a good decision.