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Yemen’s Government Reacts to UN ‘ Blacklist ‘Report

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The Yemeni government reacted to name of government and Coalition forces led by Saudi Arabia in “children and armed Conflicts” Report of United Nations (UN).

The government made a written statement about report, in which UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres presented to UN Security Council in previous day, with responsibility of violating children’s rights in clashes. “The legitimate government is trying to protect its people, does not force children to fight, cooperate with UN, and comply with international laws with decisions it receives,” Yemen news agency SABA said in a statement.

“The UN Security Council (BMGK) decisions, based on information and documentation of militias described as rebels and darbeci, are unacceptable in report of coalition forces ‘ name. It is illogical for government and international community to not remove name of coalition that implements UN’s decisions from report, and same report contradicts information that coalition has taken some measures for protection of children, “he said The statement urged Government to review report to UNHCR to remove name of coalition forces from report.

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres presented “Children and armed Conflicts” report to BMGK yesterday, where those who were responsible for violating children’s rights were listed in conflicts.

The report said that coalition forces of Saudi Arabia led to death and injury of 683 children in Yemen in 2016, and 38 hospitals and schools were also targeted by coalition forces.

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