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Yemeni music legend Abu Baker Salem Belfkih dies at 78

Written by Staff

The great Yemeni legendary singer, songwriter, composer and poet Abu Baker Salem Belfkih died at the age of 78 due to illness on Sunday, according to local reports.
Renowned in his native country and around the Gulf and Arab regions, he was known for numerous musical styles common to the Gulf, predominantly Hadhrami and Adani, which both originate from his birthplace, Yemen.
Throughout his 60-year-long career, Belfkih was distinguished by his versatile vocal range, which enabled him to perform over a wide array of complex compositions.
Born in Tarim in Hadhrumaut, southern Yemen, a historic town known for its academic and theological significance, Belfkih started out as an Arabic language teacher and was a patron of the arts and literature.
After writing his first hit song at 17, he later travelled to Saudi Arabia and other Arab cities where he became regarded as one of the major influences which helped distribute Yemeni music to the rest of the Arab world.

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