Political Analysis

An important message from Yemen’s legitimate Prime Minister

Written by Fakhri Al-Arashi

Under the title, for the Face of Allah and for a faithful brothership, the legitimate prime minister of the Government of Yemen Dr. Ahmed Obaid Bin Daghar who is currently based in the interim capital Aden, has made tonight a direct statement to president Hadi, Arab the coalition, people of ¬†Yemen, politicians about the serious challenges that may turn the table upside down, if they don’t pay attention to the ongoing economic crisis .

“For the Face of Allah, and for a faithful brothership, if there is common of interest among Allies that requires being preserved, and may reach the level of the noble goals of the decisive storm. The first one of it and the essential part is saving the Yemeni Riyal from the total collapse, now before tomorrow. Saving the Riyal means saving Yemenis from absolute hunger” said Bin Daghar.

The Yemeni Riyal has exceeded the level of five hundred against one dollar. The solider and the basic employee’s salary has become less than a hundred dollar per month. Only, the deposits and ensuring the delivery of Petroleum products for electricity are enough measures to saving the Yemeni Riyal and the Yemeni people from collapse. Like how the colliation is supporting for confronting enemies, these are important facts to be recognized.

Due to the economy deteriorating, the light voices who call for a ceasefire and de facto authority may increase tomorrow. The world will hear it and it will form strong pressure against the legitimacy, the coalition and may change the international community position on the crisis in Yemen since then we have to bear what would happen after.

In a total harmony with the decisive, coalition and brothers, we have made efforts and we took our souls into our hands to reinstate the state, defeat the enemy, to confront terrorism and to maintain the republican country united. If brothers have some remarks about the performance of the Central bank or the Government, I say it very clear to his Excellency the president, the Yemeni people are important and saving the economy from collapse has the priority. Allah’s behind the meaning.

Dr. Ahmed Obaid bin Daghar
Prime Minister of Yemen