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Coalition Supporting Legitimacy in Yemen calls people to unite

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JEDDAH, Jan 27 (KUNA) — The Coalition for the Support of Legitimacy in Yemen called on all Yemeni political and social components for calm, restraint, and adhere to the language of calm dialogue, and avoid anything that brings in division and separation.
In a statement on Saturday, the coalition command said, all Yemenis should support legitimacy and work jointly with the coalition to complete Yemen’s liberation.
The statement added, “The Coalition for the Support of Legitimacy in Yemen is following up the events and developments in the Yemeni temporary capital (Aden) and the media debate in this regard about some popular demands to rectify some imbalances in the government sector.” The coalition’s command also called the Yemenis’ various orientations and affiliations to take into account national responsibility and defeat the Iranian Huthi militia, and put an end to its control over the country’s resources and people lives.
The statement urged the people not to give opportunity to opponents to divide Yemenis or distract them away from their main battle, as this is a political, humanitarian and moral commitment that cannot be undone, which demands unity, political concentration and military efforts and to avoid any reason that could lead to division among the people. (end) nh.mys

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