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Video: Aidros Al Zubaid Hails the Govt of Bin Daghar

This video and script are proving the reality of conflict of interest with Aidros Al Zubaidi.The interview of Al-Zubaidi with Al-Ghad Al-Mushraq was broadcasted when he was serving as governor of the Interim capital Aden.

Aidros Al Zubaidi: The presences of the Government headed by Dr. Ahmed Obaid Bin Daghar, this man who works day and night to facilitates the provision of services, and tries to find a solution for martyrs and wounded. He tries to merge resistance fighters with military and Security units, but the possibilities he has in hand is very limited. Of course, we will stand by him and whatever requires serving the country and the citizen by God willing.

Al-Ghad Al-Mushraq TV: Why don’t you leave the government to take the responsibility in Aden to reduce stress on you, all people are saying, Oh Aidros Al Zubaidi, you are in charge!? Today the government is here with you in Aden, All ministries are in Aden and the services ministries too.

Aidros Al Zubaidi: For that, we say to our people the government is present and it will do its duties by God willing. It’s true, the situation is hard and the possibilities are limited, we call upon our people to turn around and help this government.

Al-Ghad Al-Mushraq TV: Do you think there will be a coordination between you and the government in work?

Aidros Al Zubaidi: We and the government are coordinating and there must be a coordination among of us, and of course we do respect Dr. Bin Daghar. We apply his instructions and guidance in all directions