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Yemen: peace to come with end of Houthis, PM says

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Yemeni Prime Minister Ahmed Obaid bin Dagher said the only road to peace in Yemen is through the complete defeat of Houthis “politically or militarily”.

The official told China’s Ambassador to Yemen, the government would not accept the model of peace outlined by the Iran-backed rebels whereby they insist on maintaining control of the capital.

Houthis have been in control of Sanaa since they seized the capital in 2014 in a coup, prompting the Arab Coalition to intervene in the crisis to reinstate the internationally-recognised government.

The two diplomats discussed opportunities in Yemen for Chinese investment after the conclusion of the war.

The government’s main priority is the safety of its people and the stemming of bloodshed in the country, Saudi state news agency reported him as saying in the meeting in Riyadh.


Meanwhile, President Abdrabu Mansur Hadi on Saturday appointed to the head of the Reserve Forces General Ali Saleh Afash Al Humairi, the half-brother of the late President Ali Abdullah Saleh.

Formerly known as the republican guard forces, which were led by the son of the former president, the army reserve has played a crucial role in maintaining order in a country rife with conflict.

The general was the commander of the republican guard before being replaced by the late president’s son. He also served as the director of the armed forces office until the overthrow of his half-brother’s regime in 2011.

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