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Saudi Arabia will be one of the very best countries for tourism, says Prince Sultan

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Mohammed Al-Jaber is Saudi Arabia’s ambassador to Yemen and the executive director of Yemen Comprehensive Humanitarian Operations (YCHO).

He was appointed as ambassador just ten days before the Houthi coup in September 2014.

Al-Jaber was born in 1970 in Asir, southern Saudi Arabia.

He is a military expert and strategist. He received his bachelor’s degree in military sciences from King Abdul Aziz Military College, and a master’s degree, also in military science, from Saudi Armed Forces Command & Staff College.

Al-Jaber has also obtained a master’s degree in business administration, and studied strategic analysis in the US and planning psychological operations in the UK.

Before becoming head of the Saudi diplomatic mission in Yemen, he had been entrusted with many different political and military tasks, both in strategic planning and negotiation, as well as tasks of an intelligence, security and military nature.

Al-Jaber had also led the Saudi delegation in the Geneva Consultations on Yemen peace talks in 2015 and the Yemen peace talks in Kuwait in 2016. He also represented the Saudi Ministry of Defense in the quadrilateral border security dialogue in the US.

He headed the Strategic Analysis Department of the Saudi Ministry of Defense. Al-Jaber is also a former lecturer at the Institute of Intelligence and Security of the Armed Forces.

Al-Jaber played an important diplomatic and political role in Yemen; he helped arrange what is known as the Yemeni legitimacy front.

On the humanitarian side, Al-Jaber played an important role in overseeing the Saudi and Gulf relief operations in Yemen in January 2015, two months before the start of Operation Decisive Storm.

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