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Saudi Project for Landmine Clearance extracts 11,785 Houthi mines

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JEDDAH: The Saudi Project for Landmine Clearance (MASAM) in Yemen extracted 77 antipersonnel mines, 3,116 anti-vehicle mines, 1,817 explosive devices and 146 unexploded ordnance — totaling 5,156 mines — during three weeks of October.
A total of 11,785 mines have been extracted since the beginning of the project.
About a million mines had been planted by Houthi militia in Yemen over the past three years, claiming the lives of more than 1,000 civilians.
MASAM aims to dismantle mines in Yemen to protect civilians and ensure that urgent humanitarian supplies are delivered safely. Houthis are developing anti-vehicle mines and are turning them to anti-personnel explosives to intimidate and terrorize civilians.
Reports say that Yemen has become one of the largest land mine battlefields in the world since the Second World War. The vast number of land mines continues to pose a threat to the lives of Yemeni civilians, as the Houthi militias lay internationally banned land mines randomly in liberated regions and near residential areas.
Houthi militias plant mines in residential areas, roads and farms in liberated regions, threatening civilians who are outside the battlefield.

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