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Yemeni army advance west of Taiz in operation to cut off Houthi militia supply routes

Yemen’s national army on Sunday advanced west of Taiz on the second day of a military operation to cut off Houthi militia supply routes.

A Yemeni military source that said heavy clashes with the militia killed several of their commanders during the operation, the Saudi Press Agency reported.

The source added that the militia fired five rocket-propelled grenades from its positions in Mount Al-Barqa on civilian homes however no casualties were reported.

The Yemeni army forces also thwarted an attempt by the Houthi militia to recover their positions in western Taiz.

A field source reported that groups of the militia tried to sneak into the old airport and Wata Al-Khazan, west of the city.

Clashes broke out between the two sides following the attempt, which leading to several losses on the Houthi side, causing the militia to flee.

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