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Omani claims for damage caused by Cyclone Mekunu exceed $400 million

DUBAI: Oman’s Cyclone Mekunu left a trail of destruction and a multimillion-dollar insurance bill, national daily, Times of Oman reported.

Insurance claims against the damage caused by the devastating cyclone that ripped through southern Oman in May, 2018, have exceeded $400 million.

Dozens of people were killed when Cyclone Mekuna ripped through southern Yemen and Oman in May, leaving a path of destruction.

It hit Oman late on May 25, bringing with it, torrential rain, gusts of up to 180 kph, eight-feet tall waves, and flash floods.

Now insurance companies say they have received 1,123 claims up to the end of September worth $403.7 million, the report added, citing data from the Capital Market Authority (CMA).

There was also extensive damage caused to properties, the road networks and coastal defenses.

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