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Yemen government following up reports of aid looting

The spokesperson of Yemen’s government Rajeh Badi said on Friday that authorities were looking into recent reports of aid looting in the country by the Houthi militia.

International aid organizations operating in Yemen and an AP investigation found that thousands of families in the country were not getting international food aid intended for them — often because it has been seized by armed units loyal to both the internationally recognized government and the Houthi militia.

“The Yemeni government has followed up various reports and statements issued by official sources that revealed, for the first time, the size of the widespread misinformation practiced by the Houthi militias and the looting of aid,” Badi said.

He claimed that these reports and statements revealed the extent of the organized corruption carried out by the Houthi militia and the consequent humanitarian impact on those in need of aid in the various regions.

He also pointed out that the Yemeni government had previously reported that the Houthi militia were working to mislead the international community and international organizations by spreading false information and inaccurate data, especially with regard to the humanitarian aspect and the nature of the humanitarian crisis resulting from the war in Yemen.

Meanwhile, the government said it has worked to solve the crisis of oil derivatives and low prices by an average of 25 percent.

According to a statement published by Yemen’s official news Agency, Saba New, 242,657 thousand employees out of the total number of 472,353 civil servants in Yemen were paid their salaries. Retirees were also paid their pension.

The government also claimed that it has restored 60 percent of the cash cycle and financial turnover from the black market to the official and commercial banking sector in accordance with international standards and requirements for combating terrorism and money laundering.

“The Yemeni government sees these results as proof of the right decisions and actions taken and implemented, and see preliminary indicators to stop the economic deterioration and curb the aggravation of the humanitarian situation,” Badi said.

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