Yemenis Play Mini-Tennis for the First Time

National Yemen

Youth play Mini Tennis in the old city of Sana’a

By the Editor

The youth and children of the old city of Sana’a were very astonished to see Mini-Tennis played for the first time near their homes. Hundreds of people of different ages, men and women, gazed for hours to the new green playground. The public was very enthusiastic to see something new and far away from the political scene. “Playing Mini-Tennis in the open air was very admirable and nice,” said one of the youth in the old city. “I have not played tennis yet, but I used to hear about it. It’s very admirable.”

With the goal of a long-term program the Mini-Tennis coach Nabil Mizwad said, “we have tried to do something new that is well known worldwide. Mini Tennis is the perfect start to tennis for four to 10 year olds. As you may now, Yemen has small number of entertainment and sport facilities,” said Mizwad. In Sana’a there are no more than 8 clubs playing tennis.

This program is financed by the Dutch Embassy in Sana’a in cooperation with the Tennis and Squash Federation. “The first phase of the program begins this week, targeting the old city of Sana’a and the sub-street including Dar al-Hajer Village,” said Mizwad. The second phase will approach other districts of Sana’a and some of the governorates.

Younger kids start playing with a soft, large ball then move up to modified tennis balls. Tennis is a fun way for anyone between 4 and 10 years to get a feel for the game.

The program aims to spread the culture of Mini Tennis in Sana’a first as a series of competitions which combine fun games with mini tennis giving. The sessions provide players with a sound knowledge of moving.

Ten locations aim to attract 150 children, youth, and elderly to encourage them to practice sports and stay away from Qat. It also aims to create a better competition in the area.

“In each area we head for, we start from morning until sunset to give people and youth a better chance to play,” said Mizwad. Logistically it is hard to move it, pave it, and pick it up again, but it’s fun for all.