New Website Helps Unemployed Yemenis Find Work

In Yemeni society; people live in a difficult situation, both political and economic. From the economical side; there are a lot of marginalized people filling public streets and intersections who don’t have daily sustenance, patiently waiting for someone to tell them that there are non-permanent jobs to get wages. The unemployed include plumbers, welders, painters, electrical engineers, builders, farmers and more. This unemployment rate continues to increase in Yemen.

In this suffering; has tried to solve this radical issue by gathering those marginalized people and creating profiles for them that connects them with people who don’t have much time to look for temporary workers. is a platform that connects workers with employers.

It will be easy for companies, NGOs, corporations, and individuals to find a professional to finish their temporary or non-permanent tasks, either at their homes or businesses.

Saeed Alfagieh and Maher Alrahomi, the founders said, “we play another important role, which is for those families who have no men, we go and ask for a worker.  Culturally it is hard for a female to do this alone, and we are a solution for them. We also help those houses and families that live in far areas where you hardly see any workers. Finally, there is a huge market need and a larger supply that is not used well. We try to get those workers jobs to improve their lives.” was created to help people find work and earn some extra income.