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How Houthis Treat Medical Facilities?

Written by Staff

A human rights organization in Yemen has documented that Houthi crimes are not limited to using medical facilities as weapon stores, but also include a number of other attacks including 

bombarding hospitals, prohibiting fuel and medical supplies from reaching hospitals, as well as closing a number of private institutions in multiple governorates.  

Houthi attacks against hospitals began only 20 days after the Saudi-led coalition started its military campaign in Yemen. Since then, Houthis have used hospitals and other medical facilities as shelters for hiding weapons and hosting 

meetings, thus turning medical facilities such as AlJamhouri and AlThawra hospitals into military sites.  

The hospitals of Taiz have seen the worst attacks, including AlThawra hospital which was severely damaged and its pharmacy was destroyedHouthi militias also closed a number of private hospitals in Ibb as leverage to force their owners to pay for their military efforts. The dialysis department at Al Thawrah Hospital in Ibb announced the cessation of work due to looting by Houthi militias. 

The lives of civilians are put at great risk due to the concentration of Houthi fighters at medical facilities and the establishment of military sites near them. This is all in addition to the confiscation of necessary drugs and medical equipment from several hospitals.