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Arab Coalition Supports Legitimacy in Yemen – Bahrain’s FM

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The Arab coalition countries supporting legitimacy in Yemen responded to a call from the country’s legal authority and they didn’t stand with a partner against the other, said Bahrain’s Foreign Minister Sheikh Khaled Bin Ahmad Al-Khalifa.
Speaking at a joint news conference with Secretary General of the Gulf Cooperation Council Abdullatif Al-Zayani on Wednesday, Al-Khalifa stressed that “the coalition stands against any foreign interference in Yemen, and combats threats to the country and its vital interests”.
“We call for halting arms shipments coming from Iran and its interference, which lead to the deaths of both Yemenis and GCC countries daily,” Sheikh Khaled told reporters.
He added that the only aim of coalition countries’ intervention was to restore stability to that Arab country.
Concerning the Gulf-Iranian ties, he said there are no intention to offend Iran, indicating that “our stance towards Iran is to stop its abuse against us, especially that GCC states didn’t make any offence towards it”.
He expressed hope that Iran would change its foreign policy towards its neighbors.
“As Iran succeeded in persuading the world that it was serious regarding the nuclear file, it should exert the same effort to persuade us that it is an important neighbor and seeking to build better relations with us,” The Bahraini top diplomat said.
He called on Tehran to stop interfering into some Arab countries.
On participation of British Prime Minister Theresa May at the GCC Summit in Manama amid the election of new US administration, Al-Khalifa said the GCC leaders made a clear decision that they are keen on enhancing partnership with brothers, international allies and organizations, and friendly countries.
He noted that GCC states have major correlations with allies like the US, Britain, France and other countries across the globe.
The minister said that GCC member states are committed to boosting these correlations, noting that May’s participation in the Summit was an evidence of this.
The final communique of GCC-British summit affirmed apparently the commitment to the long-term partnership in the security and defense areas, he made clear.
The GCC-US relations have not confined to a certain administration, but prolonged over several decades, he stated.
He expressed GCC states’ hope for working with the new administration of US President-elect Donald Trump to achieve interests of all, underlining that the GCC-US ties are based on security and stability of the region.
On Iraqi People’s Mobilization Forces (PMF), Sheikh Khaled said the matters were formed there on a sectarian basis and the PFM was a result of this principle.
The formation of PFM on such basis will deepen sectarian division in that Arab country, calling for avoiding sectarianism and marginalization so as to put Iraq on the right track, he noted.
Meanwhile, Al-Zayani said GCC efforts have been seeking to find a peaceful solution to Yemen’s crisis since 2011 and help Yemenis to avoid a civil war, which was the main principle of the Gulf Initiative.
The GCC works on, in collaboration with Yemenis, reaching a peaceful solution to the crisis and enabling the country to merge its economy into the Gulf one, he said.
He noted that this is the spirit of cooperation with Yemen and the desire of GCC leaders. (end)

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