GSO Works To Build Better, Healthier and Safer Regulations

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A group picture for attendees of GSO workshop in Bahrain
Written by Fakhri Al-Arashi

The GCC Standardization Organization (GSO), Organized on Wednesday  January 25th, 2017, a workshop in the capital of kingdom of Bahrain-Manama entitled “GSO role in product safety enhancement” . The workshop was design to linked the strategies and goals which acts under “Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf (GCC)”, with its main objective is to support member states policies derived from the charter of the (GCC), and pursuant to the objectives of the GCC Economic Agreement calling for a coordination and unification of their economic, financial and monetary policies, as well as their commercial, industrial and customs regulations.

Notified bodies from thirteen countries along within the GSO have come t to meet in Manama for the purpose to understand more about the new gulf technical regulations for low voltage electrical equipment & appliances, so they can develop the ultimate objective of out of their meeting.

The workshop was organized by GCC Standardization Organization (GSO), and hosted by the ministry of industry, commerce and tourism in the Kingdome of Bahrain.

Mr. Nabil A. Molla, General  Secretary of GSO and Mr. Hamid Yousif Rahma undersecretary of commerce affairs for the ministry of industry commerce and tourism have attend the workshop.

During the opening session, Mr. Mr. Nabil A. Molla delivered a comprehensive speech. He praises the wonderful arrangement made by the ministry of industry commerce and tourism of the Kingdome of Bahrain. He highlighted on the role of GSO by continuing its steady plans which have been carefully created to serve the GCC nations.

“The GSO aims particularly at helping the GCC to achieve its objectives set forth in its charter and in the GCC Economic Agreement by unifying the various standardization activities and following up application and compliance of the same in cooperation and coordination with the standardization bodies in the Member States” Mr. Molla said.

since its launch in 2004, GSO has conducted important projects and studies in order to achieve these objectives, using a clear strategy that leads to the development of the relevant framework for the quality infrastructure to support member states policies.

Mr. Molla continues to say, the GSO will focus on how to improve the Conformity assessment process as well as the Certificates tracking system for Low Voltage Electrical Equipment and Appliances. Your feedback and comments on the implementation challenges and main issues that you present shall provide the main issues for us to address.

“We have come here to discuss with you the future of products that our region based on the GSO five years strategy which began in 2016 and will continue till 2020, with your cooperation and the deep discussion of today, I am sure we will obtain the goal we have come here for”  concludes Molla.

Mr. Hamid Yousif Rahma undersecretary of commerce affairs for the ministry of industry commerce and tourism in Bahrain deliver speech welcomed the guest from the GCC and the world who attend the GSO workshop in the kingdom of Bahrain. We are happy to host your workshop as we are working to create with you multi channels of communication to ensure the safety of products.

Your presence here, reflects your high attention to the safety of products and the end user.

“We in Bahrain and GCC along with GSO are very careful to enhance and develop the gulf market through the technical regulations” Yousif Rahma ends.

From his part, Dr. Sufyan Alirhymi, director of conformity assessment department at the GSO, gave a detailed introduction on the GSO legal framework for safety monitoring.

Mona Al-Alawi Chief of Standards Implementation & QA Bahrain Standards & Metrology Directorate reflects the experience of Bahrian in implementing the Gulf regulations for electrical appliances.

“Today’s workshop is about standard and metrology awareness sessions to understand how to implement the rules and regulations of GSO in the kingdom of Bahrain.

Also to benefit from others experience and overcome the challenges that we have faced since the implementation of the GSO”.Said Mona

Two more presentation were followed by Abdulesselam Benyaich and Ibrahim Al-Hashaf from the GSO. The first presentation discussed the conformity assessment according to technical regulations that has been for the purpose of building community’s awareness, while Al-Hashaf’s presentation highlighted the GSO notification system rules and tools.

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