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Yemen: Eleven million children need humanitarian assistance …

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The humanitarian crisis is worsening in Yemen. Because of a war that has lasted since 2015 in country, more than 11 million Yemeni children need humanitarian assistance, alerted United Nations Office for Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) on Monday 23 October.

According to organization, se children are direct victims of world’s worst food crisis, an unprecedented outbreak of cholera and lack of access to medical services and humanitarian aid.

According to this UN body, Yemeni education system is also on verge of collapse. More than five million children are at risk of being deprived of ir right to school.

At least 10 000 dead since 2015

The conflict between government forces and Houthistes forces, which has been going on since 2015, has made at least 10 000 deaths, half of m civilians. The government forces were expelled from capital Sanaa by Houthis rebels, accused of being supported by Iran, and allied with military units loyal to former Yemeni President Ali Abdallah Saleh (1990-2012). In March 2015, government forces received support from an Arab military coalition led by Saudi Arabia.

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For several months, many NGOs have denounced obstacles to delivery of humanitarian aid to most affected areas, particularly in north-west. They denounce as much official government of ABD Rabbo Mansour Hadi – only internationally recognized – and its foreign allies of Arab coalition led by Saudi Arabia, that Rebels houthistes, allied to former President Ali Abdallah Saleh.

In response to calls from NGOs, 47 member countries of UN Human Rights Council approved, at end of September, sending of international experts for at least one year. This team, supervised by Office of High Commissioner for Human Rights, is responsible for identifying and designating human rights violations.

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