Kuwait to help address water crisis in Aden

National Yemen
Written by Staff

RIYADH, Feb 26 (KUNA) — Officials from Kuwait and Aden signed an agreement to transport water from Abyan to Aden to permanently address the water supply problem in the Yemeni port city.
The agreement, signed by Kuwait By Your Side Campaign and Public Authority for Water and Local Rule in Aden, aimed at fixing the water pipeline which transports water from Al-Ro’a well, in Abyan governorate, to Aden via the province of Lahj.
The campaign said in a statement the 58-kilometer-long pipeline is designed to transport 13,000-15,000 cubic meters of water every day.
The campaign “is designed to improve infrastructure and services through many projects, including the water project which link Abyan with Aden,” Ghassan Al-Zamki, representative from Aden Governorate, said in a statement.
He said the project, part of many Kuwait-funded ventures nationwide, would end water crisis which was caused by the hostilities, that destroyed pipelines and water wells.
Tawfiq Hussein, who represent the campaign, said the project “will end the water crisis in Aden, and it is one of the urgent interventions by the campaign.” Hussein said the campaign renovated over 35 water wells in Abyan governorate, and installed pumps to provide fresh water for people and irrigation.
Kuwait By Your Side Campaign has been carrying out many water projects in Abyan, in addition to providing food, education and health services, and shelters for the homeless.

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