To The Aggressors and Rebels

Written by Staff

By Dr. Ahmed Obaid Bin Daghar

Yemen’s Prime Minister

Salaries are not for political use, nor are they for making profit or purchasing allegiance and political support. They are not to be used to buy foodstuffs. There is no government in the world that can pay salaries and half of its resources to the hands of rebels.

We were committed to sending revenues to the Central Bank in Sana’a for a year and half, when it was under your control, but you looted it all as well as the foreign reserves. After that, you stopped paying salaries to people in areas under legitimate control as well as the salaries of those who you were making money from, such as customs, taxes, and royalties under your control.

You then reached true futility when a deficit emerged by not paying students tuitions. You cut the hospitals’ budgets and you stopped paying the country’s foreign commitments. You are pushing the country into a catastrophe that “wouldn’t leave anything behind”, despite of our knowledge and the Yemeni people’s knowledge that you are mistreating Yemen’s resources and hundreds of billions of dollars.
We must reclaim our resources and maintain the interest of people above of all other interests as an initial step to protect the people from profiting and trading in their pains and struggles. However, this takes all state resources, and we must pay all employees’ salaries to guarantee the sustainability of services. Salaries are the source of people’s income. You have failed the test and pushed the country into starvation after you emptied the country’s treasury.
You must reinstate 581 billion YR to the state treasury, which you have collected in just the last year. This does not include what you secretly allocated to telecom companies and other big business companies who were scared of your assault. This looted amount is enough to pay salaries for nine months at least. We all understand that you do not care, but there is a limit for everything which you can’t exceed. Don’t you know that some of you have admitted to collecting 400 billion YR?
We have transferred the salaries of education, health, agricultural and university workers in the areas where you control the resources, and we will continue to show goodwill to our people who will never offer you the chance to take their rights and destroy their social fabric. Power is the ultimate goal for you but this is only available for you if you accept the National Dialogue Conference outcomes.
Once again, we can’t guarantee the continuation of paying salaries without a clear commitment for collecting resources for the Central Bank of Yemen which is based in the interim capital Aden. All resources must be wired there, for this is the people’s money.
The road to permanent peace and the resumption of normal life is the closest and fastest guarantee for a united and stable country that has overcome it’s difficult times. This will happen via going back to our national references and what is left from the GCC initiative and its executive mechanism, the National Dialogue outcomes, and compliance with international resolutions, most of all Resolution 2216.
Do not blame the Arab coalition, they interfered after you demolished every hope for reconciliation. You attacked legitimacy and you killed on your way from Saadah to Aden with no mercy or sympathy.

Your regional alliances have revealed their bad intentions towards our national security, using you to achieve their goals on their behalf. This is the easiest, fastest and most fruitful path for rights and peace that will protect life.

Stop killing and extorting power, return to rationality if you still have minds.
Once again, to take all the country’s responsibility, you must pay all employees’ salaries and guarantee the sustainability of paying salaries. We have tested you, you have failed, and you pushed the country to the brink of starvation after depleting the country’s treasury.

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