Statement on the Historical Confrontation with Others

Written by Fakhri Al-Arashi

By Dr. Ahmed Obaid Bin Daghar
Prime Minister of Yemen

In certain moments, we find ourselves faced with numerous choices. At least in my view, I have chosen at least the choice that best preserves the situation vis-a-vis the enemies of September and October. We need to complete the ranks of the Republicans. They are our shield and means to reestablish the state based on a new federalism.

If there is a big mistake that we have altogether participated in, then it is by going along with the Republican’s differences to the point of estrangement. We have complete the ranks without accusing or blaming one party over another. If we are entrenched behind our positions, like we have been in the past few years, then we are offering a hand of help to the new imamate and to Iran in the region, because divisions in the battlefronts will emerge and may become inevitable.

We deal respectfully with the doctrines of others, even when these doctrines are in opposition to what we think of or believe in. With some of us and with those whom we stand together in the same line of this grand confrontation between the right and wrong in Yemen, at least some believe the right point of change was in February, a revolution that is the height of sanctity. So, should we continue in this rivalry because we disagree about yesterday on this issue? Or because we disagree today to name to what has happened a revolution, uprising or an event?

Some disagree with us for years about the form of the federal state in Yemen. We see a united country with six federal regions, while others see it in two regions. We stand with them in the front lines to confront the common enemy. They form an essential part of our grand entity in this historical confrontation. Our ideas are united with theirs in other human values and their view of the state. They have taken with them the values of justice and equality, so do we have to confirm our differences with them and create more conflict?

Whoever has a great message, values and noble goals that has been subjected to testing even though a violent test, then it must be human experience and the conclusions reached in this regard, confirmed by the great religions, including those values ​​carried by the Prophet’s message of forgiveness, pardon, and mutual kindness in order to coexist and reach our common goals, At the same time, we affirm our humanity. The philosophy of these issues is better than politicizing them, and first we must move towards reason and human conscience, and second we delve into feelings that do not often differentiate between man and animal.