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Saudi-led Coalition affirms stability in Aden

Written by Staff

The Saudi-led Coalition to Restore Legitimacy in Yemen affirmed on Thursday the stability of the situation in the southern city of Aden.
The Coalition made its remarks in a statement after a meeting between high-ranking military delegations from Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates in Aden.
The meeting also confirmed Yemeni parties’ commitment to the Coalition Command’s decision for a ceasefire and to restore stability in the southern port city.
The goal now is to secure Yemen’s security and stability, avoid all forms of chaos, resolve all differences among the Yemeni people, and preserve Yemen’s sovereignty, said the statement.
The Coalition urged all Yemeni parties to act wisely and focus on defeating Houthi militias, affirming Riyadh and Abu Dhabi’s joint goal and vision to restore security and stability in Yemen.
The two countries are standing by the Yemeni people and leading the reconciliation efforts between waring-Yemeni parties, the Coalition noted, stressing the importance of preserving regional and international security and peace. (end) nh.ma

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