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What is Strange About Yemen’s Printed Banknotes?

National Yemen
Aden from a sea side angle
Written by Fakhri Al-Arashi

For sure every country has the right and legitimacy to print extra currency (banknotes) based on its need & according to the international Standards and throughout the well established, authorized and recognized financial institutions. Let us review what has happens to the Yemen legitimate government leading the country affairs from the interim cabinet Aden in this issue in particular.

The government has contracted Joint Stock Company “Gonzalez” for designing, printing and supplying the banknotes to Yemen central bank in Aden. The company has been sending the earlier shipments via air, in the fourth one the government has requested for permission to receive the fourth one via Aden Sea port.

Unfortunately, the shipment issue has been turned into a public opinion, accompanied by systematic campaign against the government and the central bank who had been accused of smuggling money in one side, and in the other side by duplicating the currency. The question is, how come the government would smuggle its currency or banknotes that has paid for. And what is strange about this printed banknotes? I see and many others see nothing only a false propaganda targeting the government.

According to the vessel sea route, the money were passed by the international control center in Djoubti. Is this considered as smuggling. I doubt, its a third party who was playing around, only to bring into public’s minds that the legitimacy is failing in the liberated area.

Another question would be raises, What is the danger of the government here? I can say nothing more than wasting time and exporting the ideas that Aden port is less safe than other ports in the country. Be in the side you want to be, but avoid playing double face in the same square, if fire erupts it wilharm everyone.